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Lamo Mens Suede Moccasin Slippers - Choclate
Warm and comfortable
Affordable pricing
Prices starting at $26.99
Old Friend Romeo Mens Slippers
Reliable comfort over time
Crafted from quality materials
Prices starting at $42.99
Mens Imperial Deer Slip On Slippers by L.B. Evans
The ultimate in slipper luxury
Made from the finest materials
Prices starting at $72.99
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These Best Sellers Keep Those Feet Warm and Cozy

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 Old Friend Step-In Womens and Mens Slippers
(115 Reviews)

List Price: $74.99
Our Price: $67.99
 Mens Duke Scuff Slippers by L.B. Evans
(44 Reviews)

List Price: $59.99
Sale Price From: $45.44
 Klondike Mens Slip On Slippers in Saddle by L.B. Evans
(73 Reviews)

List Price: $65.99
Our Price From: $50.00
 Old Friend Mens Adjustable Bootee Slippers
(93 Reviews)

List Price: $79.99
Our Price From: $72.99
 Duke Mens Opera Slippers by L.B. Evans
(20 Reviews)

List Price: $59.99
Sale Price From: $49.36
 Old Friend Soft Sole Moccasins Womens and Mens Slippers
(103 Reviews)

List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $62.99
 Old Friend Romeo Mens Slippers
(126 Reviews)

List Price: $74.99
Our Price From: $67.99
 Mens Aristocrat Opera Slippers by L.B. Evans
(29 Reviews)

List Price: $86.99
Sale Price From: $41.29

Types and Tips of Slippers for Men

1. Mens slippers are so named because they are easy to slip on at the end of a long day. Most have some sort of tread on the sole to prevent slipping and falling. Soles can be hard or soft, and range from simple treads on the bottom of a fuzzy sock to true rubber shoe-like soles.

2. Although slippers tend to fit more loosely than general footwear, you will still need to choose the correct size based on your shoe size to maximize your warmth and comfort. If you are unsure about the shoe size of your recipient, consider selecting slipper socks as a gift.

3. Moccasins are often made from soft leather or suede, and can have soft or hard soles. Choose a style with a beaded toe to enjoy the traditional Native American origins of this comfortable footwear.

4. Modernize your slipper choice with flip-flops, thongs, or sandals. These innovative choices often juxtapose the luxurious feel of fleece with the casual style of these outdoor shoes. Perfect for beach vacations, these slippers easily go from the bedroom to the backyard or beach and back again.

5. You don't have to love the opera to appreciate opera slippers. This classic, elegant style has a simple yet sophisticated look that will have you feeling dapper and comfortable at the same time. Perfect for the man who likes to look distinguished even during leisure time.

6. Whether genuine or faux, mens sheepskin will mold to the shape of your feet over time to deliver superior warmth and comfort. Naturally thermostatic, a pair of Old Friend sheepskin will keep the interior at a constant body temperature. Look for designs that offer a cuff that can be flipped up for extra ankle warmth when needed.

7. Therapeutic house slippers do more than pamper your feet; they feature innovative designs to proactively promote foot health and prevent foot pain. Ideal for feet suffering from edema, feet recovering from surgery, or diabetic feet, these won't restrict blood flow, but they will cushion and absorb shock, and wick away moisture. This footwear is lightweight and internally seamless. Many Acorn slippers even have specially designed foot beds with built-in arch support.

8. Add some fun to your footwear with mens novelty slippers. Available in a variety of flamboyant or attractive designs, these usually soft and oversized slippers cater to your individuality. It's easy to find a design featuring your favorite animal or cartoon character.

9. Mens outdoor slippers truly epitomize the idea of "house shoes." These are a cross between a shoe and a slipper and have hard soles that are treated to withstand weather conditions. They are perfect for the person lounging about at home who doesn't want to change footwear before venturing outside to get the paper or the mail.

10. Call them scuffs, clogs, or mules, this open-back footwear that cover the toes but not the heel are incredibly easy to take on and off. Ideal for stepping outside to pick up the morning paper or addressing a momentary chill, this popular design is the perfect gift for any recipient.

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