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Slipper Material Guide

Most people put their slippers on when they want to forget the material world for an hour or two. But slippers are made from material too, and choosing the right material is the key to being comfortable. Cotton, suede, leather, and sheepskin are the primary choices in slipper materials.

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Cotton slippers are for the simple life. They are comfortable, inexpensive, easier to clean than other materials, and available in a wide range of styles, designs, and colors. If you're looking for bunny or cow slippers,or slippers that bear the logo of your favorite sports franchise, you're going to be shopping for cotton slippers.

Suede slippers provide comfort and casual sophistication whether you're wearing them around the house or on a Saturday morning jaunt to the grocery store. This type can be worn year round, but you should avoid wearing them outside during damp or rainy weather.

Because suede is manufactured from the less-prized interior split of a leather hide, suede won't be as expensive as full-grain leather, but they'll still require particular care when you're cleaning them. Pick up a suede cleaning kit when you buy your suede slippers and you should be fine.

When Oscar Wilde said that cultivated leisure is the aim of man, he must have been wearing leather slippers. Leather is a natural material for slippers, as both become more comfortable as they age. As your leather matures, they will soften and conform to your foot, providing the most natural fit possible.

To make sure your leather slippers last, remember to use proper cleaning techniques. Treating your leather regularly with a good leather conditioner is also recommended to prevent the leather from drying or cracking.

The unique combination of leather skin and wool fur is what gives sheepskin its appeal. Sheepskin and slippers are an ideal combination, providing warmth, comfort, strength, and beauty for your feet. Sheepskin slippers are frequently designed in a rural or outdoor boot style, and may feature a wool cuff that you can roll up or down for extra warmth as needed.

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