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Slipper Style Guide

Since you're reading this at, you should already know that a slipper is a light, loose, and comfortable shoe primarily worn for relaxing indoors. But under the general category of "slipper" are a number of different shoe designs, each with a particular intended use. This short slipper glossary will help you to decide which slipper style is best for you.

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Booties: boot-like slippers that are typically worn by babies or small children (booties can also refer to small adult boots or shoes used in water sports). Booties are typically slipped on, though they can feature laces or a side zipper. Booties usually have a sole made from different material than the upper, and this sole can be designed for traction or slip-free walking.

Flip Flops: also known as thongs, are flat, backless sandals composed of a shoe sole and a v-shaped strap that slips between the big toe and the rest of the toes. The name flip flop comes from the sound the sole makes as it slaps against the wearer's heels.

Moccasins: a Native American word given to the deerskin or soft leather shoes typically worn by aboriginal tribes. Moccasins were originally made from soft leather stitched together with sinew, and they often featured beadwork or painted designs. Modern moccasins may feature hard soles or laces.

Scuffs/Open Back: similar to slippers in that scuffs have no fitting around the heel. They are thus known as open-back slippers, or scuffs, for the shuffling or scraping walk used when wearing them.

Sheepskin: refers specifically to a type of leather made from the skin of a sheep with the fleece left on. This combination of leather and wool gives sheepskin its unique appeal. Sheepskin slippers often feature a wool muff or fringe that can be rolled up or down.

Outdoor: refers to any slipper style designed for outdoor use, or both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor slippers usually feature a hard sole and should be weather treated for protection.

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